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Become The God/Goddess You Were Meant To Be

  • 1 hour
  • Skype

Service Description

Monthly Membership Sessions! If you are ready to take that trip down the rabbit hole then take my Reality Manifesting program. In this program I am going to reveal secrets no one has ever talked about or taught to the general public. Once you complete the program at level I you will discover how to activate and use your power to bring abundance and true happiness into your life! This program is not open to anyone and students must be selected to participate. It is an intense program where you will see immediate results. Here is what you will receive: Monthly ritual kit tailored for your needs. This kit includes everything you need to enhance your power. It includes powerfully charged herbs done during a full moon to store and awaken their power. You’ll also have crystals, stones and mantras to transform your life. Qesankh Maa Kheperu will guide you on how to preform a ritual with this ingredients. One-on-one coaching with Qesankh Man Kheperu With over 15 years of experience in Kamitic science; Qesankh will personally teach you the techniques to manipulate your reality and ensure that you become a fully trained magi (Magician) to bring into manifestation the world you desire. Membership into the master mind group. This is weekly viral meetings with other magicians who will combine their energy and knowledge with yours to help you become successful. It is said in the Bible that if two or more agree then it shall be. This is next level work where the group will meditate and perform rituals on your behalf to help you bring forth your wishes. Course Book of Magic - This is Qesankh teaching guide which contain secrets to manipulating reality, exercises and it also reveals the truth of our existence and what is really going on. This one document will provide you with such secret knowledge it will be your reference for the rest of your life! Note: If you have been found to lend, copy or distribute this document to anyone you will be expelled from the course immediately! Deep trance hypnosis session with Qesankh which will reprogram your subconscious mind and cleanse your shadow side of all the junk in it that might inadvertently manifest when you start to learn how to use your power. Since society is consistently programing you on a daily basis with subliminal messages these sessions are meant to counteract their social engineering. This program is something that everyone should take. Sign up now!

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