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Nu Ra Hypnosis Session!

Transform Your Life Today!

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Nu Ra Hypnosis is a powerful form of hypnosis that can help you in many areas of your life. Its focus is being more practical and not limited to sitting in a chair and getting thrown into a trance by a hypnotherapist. Nu Ra Hypnosis allows you to put yourself and others into a state of trance with complete ease to transform your life! After studying hypnosis for over 10 years, spiritualist Qesankh Maa Kheperu saw that there were limitations in the manner it was being used. He researched how our ancestors used it and how it can be expanded to be utilized in various areas of our lives. The result is a new and revolutionary form of hypnosis that has no limitations! The things you desire in life cannot be acquired by sheer motivation or willpower. Yes, those play a factor—but the subconscious mind acts on autopilot. When programmed correctly, it will act without your conscious awareness to bring you the things in life that will make you a success! Don’t fight against yourself and the world. Align yourself to your power within! Qesankh Maa Kheperu will show you how to put the techniques of this new hypnosis to use right away! Nu Ra Hypnosis can help you to: Attract money into your life Eliminate pain from injuries Charm an attractive mate Make yourself likable and appealing Learn quicker and remember more (super learning) Land a great job Increase sales and income Attract incredible luck into your life!

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