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The Real Reason Harriet Tubman Is on the $20 Bill

Many are celebrating the decision to have the abolitionist and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman (1820–1913) on the twenty-dollar bill. I have been asked what my thoughts were on the subject. Here I will spell out several ideas for the reader to consider. However, keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and are intended to help broaden the perspective on this topic.

For many African Americans, the placing of Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill can represent no more than symbolism. No one should mistake this one gesture for actual progress. It is important that the Obama effect not repeat itself. What I mean is that Obama became only a figurehead and did nothing to help the plight of African Americans in this country. We should not be wooed by the current gesture and allow Harriet Tubman’s picture on the twenty-dollar bill to be a replacement for real substantial and tangible progress.

With that said, we must keep in mind that for the ruling elite, paper money does not represent just currency but is, in fact, a very powerful magical tool known as a talisman. I have often said that many of the elite’s actions occur on more than just a physical level. Although many African Americans may reject their ancient religions of high science, the illuminati know the power of these arts full well and use them in just about everything they do. The very bills we carry around have all types of symbols of the occult or the illuminati. Many in today’s modern world have come to understand that. And if you do the research, you’ll see that most of these symbols were stolen directly from ancient Egyptian/African civilizations.

However, what many do not realize is that these bills possess magical occult power. And more importantly, the images and symbols placed on the bills are not arbitrary. The illuminati do not work that way. They are very precise and calculating in their decision-making process.

The money represents a type of sigil magic. This is an area of occult practice where a symbol is created and charged alchemically. The manner in which it is charged varies, but for money it is most often done through blood sacrifice. In fact, money is one of the most powerful forms of magic on earth. As a talisman, it is second to none. Nations have gone to war over it, people’s lives have been destroyed over the love of it, and without this talisman, people could end up living in poverty.

Sigil magic was also created by the ancient Egyptians in the form of the Metu Neter or hieroglyphics. These weren’t just a means for recording their history but also a secret practice to control the outcome of events. But this knowledge of their true significance has been marred by modern historians. In fact, most people believe that hieroglyphics were the main script the Egyptians used. This is not so. They used three separate forms of writing: hieratic, demotic, and hieroglyphic. Hieroglyphs were their most honored form of writing. (We will learn why later.)

Once a talisman is created, it must be cast out into the world and forgotten. With most sigils this is done by destroying them with fire or burying them in the earth. However, in the case of money, it is circulated and exchanged. The repeated exposure or transfer from person to person supercharges it. This removes the talisman from a conscious state of mind to the unconscious mind, where it is then able to fulfill its magical objective. It becomes part of the collective consciousness that is downloaded and accessed by the masses of people. Its symbolism becomes so powerful that it passes beyond an archetypical template in the etheric field and becomes an “egregore.” An egregore is a thought form that has become a living spiritual entity. Many in occult practices are skilled at creating these supernatural beings. But if you are not careful to exercise control over these entities, they could end up controlling you.

This is what the twenty-dollar bill and all others represent. Their power lies not just in the physical realm of Wall Street and the banks, but exists on a metaphysical level as energy via an egregore. These entities are now out on the astral plane doing the bidding of their masters. And we as a people feed this entity every time we think about, touch, or exchange this currency. Thus it grows in power and in its ability to control us as well as world affairs. Once it is ready, it will begin to organize physical reality to achieve its purpose. However, the important thing to note is that this egregore is actually us. It is our power on a collective level—a sort of Frankenstein creation.

Now its spirit is dictated by the signs and symbols on the bill, which to us may not mean much. However, as a sigil, it has a programmed function that the spirit must execute. Harriet Tubman and Andrew Jackson become fused to one another, taking on a synthesized hybrid meaning. This meaning is absent from your waking conscious state but very much understood by the higher collective mind.

We must understand that the bill has no real power. It’s all a perception deception. The illuminati have indoctrinated us into a culture where we believe that the pursuit of money can bring happiness and power. In fact, the greatest power there is resides within each one of us—it is spiritual power. Please note that on Wall Street a stock can rise and fall in value due to the perception of how well the company is doing—not necessarily the reality of its financial statements. The money you have in the bank is nothing more than ones and zeroes. Nothing real.

Additionally, keep in mind that most billionaires are under the direct control of the illuminati. If any of them refused to go along with the illuminati’s agenda, their wealth would disappear overnight. After all, their wealth is nothing more than digits in cyberspace. Let us also look at the World Bank and its economic hit men or “jackals.” It is their job, as agents of the US government, to go into third world countries and financially bankrupt them, putting them in serious debt to the World Bank. Hitler was able to rise to power under the guise of improving Germany’s financial situation, which he said was caused by the Jews. And what did he use to eventually accomplish this feat of making Germany into a superpower of the time? Why none other than the swastika—a powerful sigil. The swastika dates back as far as 1000 BCE and was used for good luck and prosperity by native people of color. Now do you understand the power in occult symbols?

Let us go further and look at how words have power. Our ancestors from native cultures across the planet, including the ancient Egyptians, used “puns” or plays on words and word associations. Modern Egyptologists still don’t understand why, but they attribute much of this to magical spell casting. Recently, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which was first developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, has shown how forms of communication can change the state of people’s psyches, thus leading to dramatic changes in their lives. One of the tenets of NLP is that your vibrational state can affect others. Without going too deeply into this, I want to look at how when we speak of money as a “currency,” we also are referring to an “ocean current.” When we speak of a bank, we are also alluding to a “river bank.” Those in church who typically “tithe,” or an “ocean tide,” give a certain percentage of their money to the church. You have to wonder why these associations were made or set up in our language. Obviously, they were created by people who had a deep and profound understanding of the occult.

So why was Harriet Tubman chosen? You have to question the fact that a black woman was chosen for the bill opposite a white man. Even more curious is why a black woman was chosen in the first place? Why not a white woman? With the African American community suffering due to the loss of patriarchy, which is a result of social engineering designed and put in place by the illuminati through white feminism, we have to consider that this may be the final nail in the coffin. Is this their way of further separating and dividing black men and women? Could this be a means to solidify the matriarchy in the black community and strike the final blow?

Because the rest of the world operates successfully based on a patriarchy, the absence of such in the black community has had a devastating impact. Now I am in no way saying that a patriarchy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you cannot operate on a separate paradigm from the one the global community is operating on. Furthermore, this matriarchy can be clearly seen and witnessed firsthand as not working. It fact, its effects has been severely destructive.

Let me be clear that I am not saying I am for or against Harriet Tubman being placed on the twenty-dollar bill. I am merely stating that the aforementioned theories must be considered. I do not believe in the notion that the ruling elite support what Harriet stands for. In fact, through years of study, I am convinced that they are more devious than we can imagine. And I do know two things: The first is that the illuminati most often work through magic. And second, with them nothing is ever what it seems. There’s always a hidden agenda.

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is a Kamitic Priest and Spiritualist who helps individuals discover the power within them. Visit his YouTube channel for more information:

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