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The Mandela Effect

So what is the Mandela effect? It is a phenomenon that more and more people are beginning to witness and it is disturbing. has to do with separate time steams, or parallel worlds. But it’s not as cut and dried as that. The effect is named after Nelson Mandela. Many people remember Nelson Mandela dying back in the 1980s during his imprisonment. Yet according to what we know today, he was released from prison, became President of South Africa, and died in 2013.

So which is the correct story? Apparently both are. People across the globe are now realizing that their memories of certain events have dramatic differences. The theory is that our society has become split between those who have one set of connection memories and those who have an entirely different recollection. This suggests the idea of a quantum split or jump in space-time. And it is not just related to Nelson Mandela. There are many examples of things changing from what many people have remembered. Let me present just a few:

In 1984 Prince released his song “Let’s Go Crazy.” Many remember the words “Dearly beloved/We are gathered here today/To celebrate this thing called life.” But if you research the lyrics, instead of the word “celebrate,” it says, “To ‘get through’ this thing called life.” What do you recall?

Do you remember the children’s characters the Berenstain Bears, created by Stan and Jan Berenstain? Well, many remember them being called the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears. What do you remember?

Tank Boy, as he has become known, was run over by a tank in Tiananmen Square. Many remember the bloody event. However, if you look at footage of the incident, he wasn’t actually run over—yet many remember his death vividly.

If you have seen Disney’s Snow White, you may be among those who remember the witch going to the mirror and saying: “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall/Who’s the fairest of them all?” Unfortunately, that’s not what she says. It’s “Magic Mirror, on the wall…”

How about Ann Rice’s Interview with a Vampire? That’s how many of us remember the title. But the actual title is now Interview with the Vampire. Strange, right?

And there are many more…

So what is going on here? This phenomenon is only now gaining momentum, and more and more people are starting to notice it. Some say it is being caused by CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and its Large Hadron Collider. The idea here is that the government, in a black operations experiment, is trying to open the door to a parallel world, which is causing havoc in the space-time continuum, thus producing the Mandela Effect. But here is what I believe is taking place. (And get ready, because I’m about to take you out of the Matrix!)

We live in the fourth dimension, which is composed of three dimensions of space and one of time. The conventional thinking is that time is linear. This is not true. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Time is nonlinear, meaning it does not follow the conventional beginning, middle, and end theory. The idea of linear time is proposed by those theoreticians whose understanding of the world springs from a left-brain, polarized thought process. This theory has colored basic aspects of our civilization and most scientific theories. (As the saying goes, if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.)

But here’s where it gets even better. Not only is time not linear, but through what I call “time delineation,” each of us lives in a sort of different reality of space and time. In other words, I may be in the present, while some of my friends may at this very moment be living in the past. Once I call them or meet up with them for lunch, they make a quantum leap, or a space-time dimensional shift, so we all align with what we call the ever-present now.

Let me give you a metaphor so you can clearly see how things work. Picture reality as a large puzzle. If you have ever put one together, you know how frustrating it can be—especially if one or two pieces are missing. Now the one thing you can be sure of is that the puzzle’s end result should look exactly like the picture on the box it came in.

In the world, time-space is like that puzzle, with many different pieces that are constantly being assembled on a millisecond or microsecond basis. But here is the big and key difference. The end result of putting all the pieces together will be different each and every time. It will not always look like the picture on the box. This is because reality and space-time are being assembled on a subatomic level by you, the observer. The minute you focus on or observe something is the very moment it takes shape. So there is no objective or absolute reality. It exists only in agreement with the observer. In fact, the world we see around us is a product not only of our individual consciousness but also of a collective agreement made between groups, races, and nations.

What this means is that reality exists as part of a collective unconscious agreement for the purposes of experiencing. Like it or not, slavery and the Holocaust are part of a collective agreement. (We’ll get into more of that later.) When you understand that reality is dynamics (for lack of a better word), and space-time is nonlinear, then you understand that it can be manipulated. That’s right! We have a say in how our reality unfolds—which brings us back to the Mandela Effect.

Very few people researching this effect realize that it is not a recent idea. It was addressed many years ago by mainstream media in an episode of the ’80s TV show Tales from the Darkside. This specific episode, titled “Effect and Cause,” dealt with a character named Kate who suddenly notices that everything in her apartment is changing. Keys that were in one place suddenly disappear and appear in a different location. An empty refrigerator suddenly becomes full of food. People begin to show up in her life at the exact moment she needs them. Kate begins to realize what is occurring and theorizes that reality is constantly changing and can be controlled by our minds. Unfortunately, the changes become more rapid, and she is eventually unable to control them. I encourage you to watch this episode if you can find it online. You can find highlights from the episode at watch?v=v13bFc7Tm6Q.

When our collective consciousness comes together, and we as a people hold a certain belief system, then reality has no choice but to shape itself to that. And there’s one more important detail to consider. We are under the misconception that we can discover or invent things. In fact, white Western society takes pride in its technological achievements and its discoveries of, for example, new continents or entire new star systems in galaxies far, far away. This is bogus.

You must understand that existence, by its very definition, contains all that there is. There is no room for nonexistence. So in truth, you cannot create anything, nor can you suddenly discover anything. All that exists already exists on some level or some plane. It may not be on this fourth-dimensional plane, but it is out there. Furthermore, all matter that you see around you gives the illusion that it is solid, when it actually is not. Everything is composed of particles that vibrate at unique frequencies. This vibration means things are not solid. So solidity is a mass illusion.

Now stay with me… Since time-space is nonlinear, and we all exist in our own reality bubbles, everything collapses into one. Meaning if there is no beginning, middle, or end—or rather past, present, or future—then all things exist simultaneously within the same space since time and space are inseparable. Get it? If this is true, and it is, then all things that could ever exist already exist here and now. You cannot see them because everything is vibrating on its own frequencies, which means in order to see them or to bring them to this reality, you must yourself vibrate at that specific frequency.

It’s like turning the channels on a radio. If you want to listen to rock, you have to dial to that radio station or frequency. If you want to listen to rap, then you must tune into that frequency. All the music is there—you simply have to find its frequency.

So the act of scientific discovery or invention is not creating something, but rather bringing that time from one plane of existence to another. For reference we need only look at history:

T. B. Pawlicki writes (, “According to Magellan's log book, cited by Lawrence Blair in Rhythms of Vision, the barefoot natives of Patagonia could not see the European ships when they arrived at South America for the first time. To the aborigines, the shore party appeared out of thin air on the beach. Eventually the shamans discerned a faint image of the tall ships riding anchor offshore. They pointed the images out to their tribespeople, and after everyone concentrated on the concept of giant sailing ships for a long time, the galleons materialized.”

Neil Freer, Breaking the God Spell

Magellan’s log could very well present the idea of shifting matter from one frequency to another in order for it to be visible. Then again, this question could be asked: Without the observer or our collective agreement, what then exists? I propose this is where we get to the zero point, or singularity, from which all manifestations emerge. This is also known as the no-thingness or nothingness. In ancient antiquity or Egyptian mythology, it was referred to metaphorically as “water,” or the primordial waters of Nun from which all life sprang forth. Since water moves in the ocean or elsewhere as waves, our ancestors could have been alluding to the vibrational waves of frequencies that are the original state of all matter.

I want to note that I take issue the multiverse theory made famous by Erwin Schrodinger in the 1950s. He proposed that there are infinite universes, or versions of earth, where you are living out many different lives. To me this reveals the trap of left-brain thinking and the inability to move outside of that. Let me explain. If reality changes in accordance with the observer, then wherever consciousness is present, there will be no one fixed reality. So how can there be separate, distinct worlds or universes? All you would really have is infinite moments of now consisting of infinite possibilities that would change or assemble in an instant to align with the observer’s thought vibration.

The idea of separate universes or worlds having their unique, ongoing independent existence parallel to one another is a product of left-brain, linear, sequential-process thinking. It does not account for the fluid dynamics of changes and how quickly they can happen—or the infinite number of ways in which they can manifest. And why should it—as those are the product of right-brain thinking. See my point?

When I speak of manifestations in our reality happening instantaneously, I mean just that. For this occurrence we need a different measurement of time called Planck time. Planck time is a natural unit of measurement. It is significantly smaller than a second or millisecond. One Planck time unit is how long it takes for what we know as physical matter to change or shift vibrationally. The human brain needs billions upon quadrillions of Planck time to create the perception of just one second. Thus the changes that are taking place around us are happening too quickly for us to perceive, and most are on such a small scale that we hardly notice the change. However, when collective changes come together, the shift is much more dramatic and noticeable. And note that the faster a change occurs, the more our brains perceive it as the present moment rather than a past event!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: the Mandela Effect. I believe the changes in the past that people are seeing and coining the Mandela Effect can be explained away logically, and have something to do with mystical experiences. However, the foundation or theory of what is taking place is correct, so I subscribe to the usage of the term “Mandela Effect.” Our reality is constantly changing and being shaped by our beliefs. These fractures in time and space are merely the collective consciousness or group mind reshaping the world we live in to match our dominant beliefs. I believe these things are taking place on an even larger scale then the small shifts we see with Prince’s song or the Berenstain Bears.

In fact, I think slavery and the Holocaust are products of an alternate reality that we have manifested in this existence to create the experience of persecution. Now I understand how this may sound. But imagine, if you will, that there is a parallel reality where slavery and the Holocaust never existed. And what if something fed us the idea of or belief in persecution to cause us to vibrate at that frequency and manifest that reality? Or what if we as a group took a quantum leap to that reality in order to experience those atrocities? Put simply, what if your psyche could be manipulated to experience whatever reality someone else wanted you to experience, based on the aforementioned hypothesis I presented. What if there is a group who knows how all this works and is using it on us daily? The implications are staggering.

There is another question that has been posed and is yet to be answered. If these changes are part of some type of parallel reality (which this author does not necessarily believe but can still explain), why have only two versions of that reality ever been discovered? According to the multiverse theory, there should be an infinite number of possibilities, which an infinite number of realities would reveal. So, for example, in the case of Snow White, it wouldn’t just be “Magic mirror” vs. “Mirror, mirror”—there would be many other variations:

“Mirror on the wall…”

“Wall, wall with the mirror…”

“My mirror, mirror on the wall…”

“Oh wall with the mirror…”

And so on, for infinity.

So why then are we only encountering two distinct realities rather than many versions? I may have an answer for that: The reason this duality is consistently present is that the collective consciousness of the masses is predominantly left-brain. Our left brains act as a filter for our perceptions of the world and, more importantly, our belief systems. And the left-brain has a nasty tendency to polarize the thought process.

This means we are a society that thinks in terms of narrow absolutes. For us it is either this or that, but never this and that. We see things as black or white, right or wrong, left or right, positive or negative, day or night, pass or fail, up or down, and so forth. Our thinking is not dynamic, nor is it fluid and all-encompassing. This is how we color our world in binary language that is zeros and ones, with no allowances for infinite possibilities. So reality is a feedback loop reflecting only what we can conceive based on the dominant collective belief, which is why the natives of Patagonia could not see the ships.

In the previously mentioned episode of Tales from the Darkside, one thing Kate communicates to her friend Jeff, as she is trying to demonstrate how reality works, is that he must clear his mind of any and all expectations of the outcome. Only then can any possibility happen.

In conclusion, I believe the Mandela Effect is a giant rabbit hole. All those who are now realizing that reality is not what we were taught are waking up from the dream. Some are frightened, and some are hopeful. For me, it is both: I realize we all have the power to shape our futures, but at the same time I am very concerned that those in charge—the puppet masters— have us entrenched in the Matrix, and the vast majority of people would rather die than become liberated.

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is a Kamitic Priest and Spiritualist who helps individuals discover the power within them. Visit his YouTube channel for more information:

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