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The Hotep Hustlers! Part I

By Qesankh Maa Kheperu

It saddens me to see how the Hotep hustlers have taken over the religion of Ausar Auset for their own personal gain. These individuals pretend to be knowledgeable on Kamit by reciting so-called deep stuff from the many books they have read.  However, not one of them is a legitimate priest or priestess. 

Yes, they are book smart and have read books like The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Metu Neter, and many, many more. But ask them to perform a ritual,  invoke a spirit, or do an oracle reading; then you will see a dumbfounded expression on their faces. It would almost be like you were speaking some foreign language to them. 

In actuality, they know nothing about the religion, nor do they care about the communities they are harming. These people don't concern themselves with Maat or right and wrong. They use the Ausar Auset religion as a way to profit off of ignorant people who think they are dropping science. 

They woo you with big Kamitic words and talks of you being a king or queen, even though you may be living a foul lifestyle—all the while slipping their hands in your pockets. Many of these individuals have criminal records and use lots of profanity when they talk. They fight with one another over YouTube and internet beefs. 

But I don't blame these Hotep hustlers. Because the writing is on the wall. You can see them coming a mile away. See, we don't like to admit this, but there is—and has always been—a criminal element in the black community. And instead of us purging our communities of these thieves in the night, we protect them and make excuses for them. This is because our communities are dysfunctional, and we are just as mentally ill. 

Women get wet when these hustlers speak and ignore the fact that they are on the run from the law or have committed business scams. Men use the idea of "The Black Woman Is God," salivating at the fact that they may finally get some pussy.  And women go along with it all, because it feeds their ego. But then again, they know exactly what they are doing. They know who they are protecting. They are NOT victims. So why don't they pull away from such criminal figures? 

Because the followers and supporters are just as criminally-minded and dysfunctional. You cannot experience a reality that you are not on the same frequency level with. So I have no pity for them. Now it's important to understand that it is not just the Kamitic religion alone that has been infiltrated by these con artists. Very early on, these opportunist saw the pro-black movement ripe for the picking; they began posing as Kamitians, pro-blacks, black nationalists, pan-Africanists, Afro-centric, Hebrews, and Muslims. They knew that if they could appeal to black people's sense of race loyalty, they could get a big payday. And it worked! However, an interesting bit of information emerged. It was black women who were the most dedicated supporters of their ideology.

This bit of data made sense, as it mirrored the black Christian mega churches across the country. The churches’ biggest supporters and biggest congregation demographic were black women. So these pimp pastors and Hotep hustlers changed their message to appeal to the self-centeredness of a specific group of black women. The rule for taking in loads of money was that no matter what, it was never the black women's fault. Being a single parent by multiple baby daddies? Not your fault. Being overweight? Not your fault, but rather the fault of green men from Mars. You cannot find a good man because you have a bad attitude? Not your fault; the good men are gay, with white women, or can't handle a strong black woman! After all, you're a queen!  But let's not get it twisted. Many great black women saw through the intellectual masturbation and refused to go along with it, but unfortunately, they represent the minority.   

This strategy was hugely successful. Speak ill of white people, praise the black woman as god (not goddess but rather god; note the difference), then ask for donations and watch the money roll in! Now ask yourself this question. Why would the Hotep hustlers refer to black women as god but not goddess? Well, this is a clever Jedi mind trick. Sigmund Freud made history when he talked about his theory of penis envy—how women desired to be men and the penis or phallus is the symbol of that power. When women began to smoke cigarettes and cigars during the feminist movement, this was a symbol of them chasing the dick. Excuse my French. 

The Hotep hustlers knew that many black women suffer from the exact same type of penis envy Freud spoke about. They knew that there has been an ongoing power struggle in the black community between black men and women and that calling black women god instead of goddess would put the nail in the coffin by helping black women usurp black men's authority as heads of the household. It must be noted that white racists were the first to cause this friction through social engineering and clever media manipulation. We now see evidence of this, as white men are feeling the pressure from white women who now want their power. This is not an organic, naturally occurring social shift. It has been designed and orchestrated by think tank institutions who want to destroy male authority, both black and white. 

To understand how a great religion like Ausar Auset fell into the hands of the criminal syndicate, you must first look back at the great modern Kamitic and Afro-centric scholars who did in fact live moral and upright lives. 

Part II coming soon.

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is North America’s leading Kamitic (Egyptian) spiritualist and life coach. For over 20 years, he has studied and practiced what was once known as the Egyptian Mystery system of Ausar Auset.

Through his studies with shamans and African kings, along with deep meditation and communication with the ancestors, he came to a shocking conclusion. We live in a false reality. Some have coined it the “Reality Matrix,” or more precisely Maya (an illusion). It wasn’t long before he discovered the shocking truth—what we have been taught is an outright lie.

But more importantly, all material objects within your view are not even real, but rather projections. So, what is behind the projections? Or, more precisely, who is the projectionist?

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