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Hollywood’s Secret SJW Diversity Agenda!

Liberal Hollywood is making great strides to incorporate the SJW Diversity agenda in its films. We have been bombarded recently with movies that celebrate a new perspective, featuring more women and minorities in prominent roles.

However, this is nothing more than a deception. For this author, the push for SJW and diversity is an example of how Hollywood has shown its hand. And perhaps its true colors. For years people in the conspiracy theory arena have stated that Hollywood is nothing more than a medium for mind manipulation and control. However, many times their cries have fallen on deaf ears. But now everything is different, as the writing is on the wall. Many of the films released in 2017 and 2018 have the SJW agenda injected in them. For example, they have in their lead roles white women as a Mary Sue, such as Rey in Star Wars, or else the films showcase men as tools, stupid and useless.

Now, I am all for empowering women in great leading roles. In fact, my heroines were Ripley from the Alien franchise, Sara Conner from Terminator and Princess Leia from the original three Star Wars. These women were without a doubt badasses and original characters. However, what is disturbing is that many of the new SJW characters are unlikeable and perform feats that are too far-fetched. In an attempt to paint women as independent and able to do it all, they have created superwomen with no character flaws who refuse to go through any real character arcs or trials and tribulations. Rey, from the new Star Wars release, is a perfect example of that. She needs no Jedi training as she can already manipulate the force. She is an excellent light saber fighter and can pilot the Millennium falcon with no fighter pilot training. Meanwhile, her male counterparts, such as Luke Skywalker, have to go through hell and days of training just to force life a rock.

But this is not what really concerns me. Painting unrealistic characters for little girls to aspire to is alarming, but not the worst thing Hollywood is doing. The most concerning part I find is how Hollywood, which is composed of many different studios, all seem to be on the same page when it comes this change. It is as if the heads of the studios met in a boardroom and agreed that all of their future film releases would be laced with the SJW agenda. How is it possible for all Hollywood filmmakers to be on the same page and why would they be? Nothing speaks to the reality of conspiracies better than Hollywood’s SJW agenda. It is shocking to me that no one has questioned how Hollywood suddenly has come together to form this consensus about story topics to disseminate to the world. We must see the danger in a global entity propagating its perspective on reality. Despite this, no one questions Hollywood’s total global control and dominance over our thought processes.

This uniformity in stories in the medium of film cannot come from Hollywood itself but rather from a higher authority. Hollywood is merely in compliance with this directive to shape the minds of the people on the planet. And if you think I am pointing in the direction of Big Brother, you are correct. I cannot believe that Hollywood, whose studios compete with one another for box office dollars, are now on the same page and in agreement on the type of films and messages they will convey. In the book, An Empire of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood, author Neal Gabler demonstrates how the powerful Hollywood moguls were at each other’s throats and competed for box office dollars. Special interest groups have always had their influence on Hollywood. One such group is our military. A big part of why you see war films like Rambo and Saving Private Ryan is due to the military wanting to boost patriotism and the ideology that we are defending our country from bad guys. This can serve to increase military enlistment.

However, never before have I witnessed such a blatant display of mind manipulation as with the SJW agenda. Again, not only do we find every studio and most new releases laced with this ideology of the feminist superwoman but Hollywood is trying to make it seem that one of its goals is diversity. The problem with that is that their idea of diversity is to award white women leading roles in major franchises that typically belong to white men.

For example, no one had an issue with Rey’s character in the new Star Wars until it became apparent she was mushrooming into a type of Mary Sue. She was a superwoman who could do it all. She had no character flaws. Meanwhile, every other male character was riddled with problems. They even made Luke Skywalker a pessimistic, grumpy recluse who wanted nothing to do with the Jedis or the force. This is contrary to his character from the original series. Two more examples are Ocean’s 8 and the new Ghostbusters. where the entire casts were both full of women. Rather than creating a new vehicle for women, the studios used a hot property to showcase so-called female empowerment. Another example is Incredibles 2, which is supposed to be about a superhero family. However, the father is left alone with the responsibility of taking care of the baby, Jack-Jack, while the mother goes out to fight crime. Then there is Antman where is the sequel they introduce his new partner, The Wasp, a female who is more intelligent and powerful. In the trailers, we see her saving The Antman and being more heroic. And finally, for Marvel’s second installment of Avengers:Infinity War, they plan to introduce an historically unpopular female comic book character, Captain Marvel, to be the savior of the film defeating the villain Thanos. Again, there is nothing wrong with strong female characters. But when you take a traditional property that fans are accustomed to and uplift the women in favor of belittling the men that stinks of gynocentrism, which is exactly their agenda. Female characters can be uplifted and highlighted without diminishing the integrity of the male characters.

One of the most subversive tactics that Hollywood filmmakers use is to claim that the changes are to push racial diversity and not just gender diversity. Yet when we examine their definition of diversity we find it problematic. If lead characters are still white and the story revolves around that character, then how could this be diversity? It doesn’t matter if there is a gender swap. Moreover, when characters of color are introduced they are depicted with glaring character flaws, often for comedic value. A case in point is with Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Fen is a black male character who is introduced very early on. The African American community was elated that finally they would see a person of color in a lead role grace the screen. However, what we got was pale in comparison to Rey and the other characters. Fen is no more than an average garbageman, whereas every other character has a field specialty or special ability. Additionally, throughout the second movie Fen was seen as a deserter, never willing to fight for the rebellion. Fen boasted no o noble traits whatsoever. And instead of allowing the onscreen interracial love affair between him and Rey they redirected the romance in the second film to him and the Asian girl. It seems Hollywood still has a problem with real diversity when it comes to interracial relationships. White women have historically claimed they are minorities and used that to subvert the interests of people of color in favor of their own agenda. During the seventies, feminist Gloria Steinem, a former CIA agent, enlisted the help of black women to further the feminist movement, citing that black women are oppressed by their black men. However, it quickly became apparent that the advantages gained through the movement only benefited white women. Black women were left no better off than they were before.

The chart below presents the stats for race and gender in leads from 2011-2015. Here the study clearly shows that minority representation is at the bottom in Hollywood films even compared to white women. To be fair, I must note that the SJW Diversity conspiracy initiative did not come to full fruition until 2016. However, we have not seen any dramatic changes in minority representation in Hollywood that would translate into spikes in the charts for 2016 – 2018. And although the study follows the minority presence in films, it does not detail the quality of those roles, which is just as important as quantity.

Chart taken from the 2017 Hollywood Diversity Report from Bunche, Ralph J Bunch Center for African American Studies at UCLA.

Hollywood’s entire campaign is now aggressively attacking white males. In the thirst for power, white women have not only sought to elevate themselves in these movie franchises but to cause a rift between the genders. Even fans have become split over the new initiative of so-called diversity.

This reaction to SJW has caused a backlash, with studios openly calling anyone whose opposes the new initiative racist and sexist. This is an accusation undeserved since fans are more concerned with the stories and how they are not true to the original vision. Consequently, white males are up in arms, and the African American community is caught in the middle. The left wing has used the idea of diversity to promote their ideology, which in fact has nothing to do with diversity at all. It is an ideology that promotes feminist ideas and furthers the shrewd use of white privilege to elevate one gender over the other.

The truth of the matter is that all this is planned to cleverly manipulate the public. The idea we are supposed to accept is that these changes in story and character are due to special interest groups influencing Hollywood. This simply is not so. No group is powerful or rich enough to influence all the major studios into changing the content of their stories. Rather, what we are seeing first hand is mind programming at work. It’s social engineering at its best and we have yet to point the finger at the hidden hand responsible for this deception. Yes, Hollywood has an agenda: but who is setting that agenda? I propose to you that it is the same hand that has been involved for many years now in mind programming. The players are think tank institutions like Tavis Stock, Rockefeller Foundation, Hoover Institute, and others. Many of these organizations have ties to the CIA. They study the direction of human society and determine where they want us to go. Through their studies and works of mind control they secretly direct our culture to accept certain ideologies. Most of these ideologies are not good for the masses. If you think that feminism and the propagation of it is done by women, you are mistaken. If you think Black Lives Matter was started by Black women, you are mistaken. These groups are fronts for powerful rich white men who in turn work for or with the major think tanks.

It's interesting to see how no one has realized that the #MeToo movement, which has taken on the role of judge, jury, and executor to any man that simply looks at a woman, started a little after Hollywood’s SJW agenda. A coincidence? I think not. It is reminiscent of the McCarthy era from 1946 to 1956 when many in Hollywood were accused of subversive and treasonous acts of communism without due process of the law. What the hidden hand wants to do is directly dictate human evolution and psychology. They want us to think and act in a certain way. And I don’t for one minute believe it’s in our best interest. In antiquity the troubadours traveled from land to land playing musical instruments and putting on theater productions. Their objective was to disseminate new laws and regulations through the art of entertainment. Their directive typically came from the King. People would be subtly lulled into accepting new policy or even new taxes through song and dance. Sound familiar?

If we don’t connect the dots and see how we’re being manipulated into an ideology and a gender conflict, then we will fall for their scheme and forever be their puppets. Think about the implications of how these motives align; but more importantly, think about the level of power that controls all modes of communication so that there is no free thought or expression. If we awaken to what is going on we can take proper steps to circumvent their plan and put control of our minds back in our own hands. Therefore, it is important that we not leave the education of ourselves and our children to Hollywood. For what we think of as nothing more than entertainment is something far more conniving and dangerous.

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is a Kamitic Priest and Spiritualist who helps individuals discover the power within them. Visit his YouTube channel for more information:

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