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Black Woman, Mother of the Human Race! (Total BS!)

First off, let me say that the woman in the picture is cute. Okay, down to business. Typically, I don't comment on propaganda like this, but I am really tired of the disinformation. This nonsense has been put out there by so-called black nationalists who say they are trying to counter racism. So they counter racism and pseudo-race science with their own version of black racism and pseudo-race science. Left brain thinking at its best!

Now, this is no disrespect to black or white women. Both are beautiful in their own right. But the truth needs to be front and center. Black women by nature of their genetics/DNA cannot produce other races. That is garbage science designed to manipulate black women so these "Hotep hustlers" can rob their purses. Understand this clearly. The illusion of what we call “race” is determined by geographical location and climate. Through the process of adaptation, nature or “Neter" reconfigures you for survival purposes so that you physically and mentally align with your environment to bring about balance. This change to adapt to your environment is initiated by an invisible intelligence. Modern science will tell you that the process is caused solely by physical changes. But the question must be asked: what initiates the physical changes? There must be an intelligence dictating when, where, and how. Yet science refuses to deal with that issue, because it leads to god. 

It is interesting too that our ancestors understood this fully, which is why they made the leap from one god or “Neter” to many intelligences or gods—“Neteru”—each governing a certain aspect of life. Thus came the birth of polytheism. This idea of recognizing the fact that there has to be various intelligences manipulating different events in our world demonstrated a high degree of understanding of the universe by the ancient Egyptians. However, racist Europeans scholars came along and painted the Egyptians or Africans as primitive because they worshipped various deities. They even took their racist propaganda further by stating that as civilization progressed linearly, the idea of various intelligences was thrown away by these societies to embrace a more civilized and logical view of life in the form of monotheism. 

This is an outright lie on many levels, and this logic was used as the basis for the enslavement of the African people using the Bible as their measure of correct thinking. Any belief outside of it, including polytheism, granted them authority to enslaves others. Never mind the fact that many civilizations built on so-called polytheism had a sense of high moral caliber without the use of a book of dogmatic principles. 

So let us note that black people are black because they evolved in a very hot climate that called for the production of melanin to protect them from the sun. This pigmentation ensured their survival and the survival of their offspring. White people are white because they evolved in a colder climate where there was less sun, so there was no need for melanin or skin pigmentation. In the same vein, because black people evolved (I hate that word) in a hot climate, they used more of the right hemisphere of their brains to survive. White people, due to the harsh cold weather, evolved to use the left hemisphere of their brains. The left hemisphere is more concerned with the individual, because in cold climates, life was hard. Lifespans were relatively short in comparison to today. In order to survive, you had to think moreso about yourself and not the collective welfare of others. You developed the instinctual need to separate yourself from others and think primarily about your own needs. In contrast, in warmer climates, the right brain was more in demand, as it afforded you the opportunity to think more in congregation and collectively. The welfare of others and the community became a great concern.

So we have to think in terms of not just color or skin pigmentation but also associate the brain’s development. The two directly correlate with each other. Unfortunately, the focus has been on the superficial areas of man’s development. When you speak of white people as a race, you must also speak of their left-brain dominance and how that focus shaped the very culture and society they produced. And the same holds true of black people’s dominance using the right hemisphere of the brain. You will also note that when racists came along to administer so-called intelligence tests, they were conceived by left-brain thinkers, so the questions and structure of the test are meant to test left-brain qualities. Therefore, people of color or right-brain individuals who took these tests did not fare as well as their left-brain brothers and sisters. And this was the basis of categorizing them as intellectually inferior, which set the stage for the annihilation of an entire race of people. This was a great injustice! 

Now, all this has nothing to do with one woman being able to produce other races. That is pure nonsense and not scientifically correct. But of course, such propaganda serves to further the race hustlers’ manipulative cause of robbing black women. It feeds their egos, which in spiritual awakening separates you from your source energy. So “race” or that manufactured term does not develop independent of geographical location and climate. These external forces directly shape and bring about the groups of people on the planet. 

But those who wish to keep this lie alive make one grave mistake. In putting forth this lie about the superiority of the black woman, they inadvertently demonstrate how she is the cause of all evil. According to their own racist theory, since the black woman has the DNA to give birth to all races, then was it not the black woman who gave birth to the white race that enslaved black people and ushered in a new era of global white supremacy? Logically, we can then conclude that she is responsible for slavery, racism, Jim Crow laws, police killings of young black men, mass incarceration, drugs in the black community, lack of employment, black on black crime, and so on. So you never thought about that, huh? So that means we have to say that black women gave birth to evil on the planet. 

If, in fact, black women were the mothers of all races and could genetically produce any race, then why are they not popping out the United Nations from their wombs? We would see all over the planet, especially in Africa, black women giving birth to Asian, white, Latino, Arab, Indian, and more babies. And since we have no evidence of this ever occurring, then we must conclude that race does not spontaneously and independently develop from a black woman’s womb or any woman’s womb. However, what we do have evidence of and can clearly see over the course of time is how climate and climate change shapes life on the planet, including humans. All things in nature have an interdependence and interrelationship. It is one big ecosystem where changes to it will impact the living creatures within it. In short, there is no dominance in terms of color; there are only those who have best adapted to the environment in which they live. 

Lastly, there are those who point to albinos as evidence of black women being able to produce white offspring. Albinos suffer from albinism, which is a separate genetic condition. Albinos are not white people. They are albinos. They are not even categorized as a race. The same holds true for the condition known as vitiligo, which is a loss of the skin’s pigmentation. This condition was first introduced to mainstream society by Michael Jackson, who claimed to suffer from the condition. But this lie or myth of black women being able to produce all races has been used to further foster the manipulation and abuse of black women. 

If black women want to feed their egos by subscribing to such racists notions, then sit quietly by and say nothing. But if you wish to live by the tenets of Maat (truth and righteous), then stand up and let your voices be heard. Truth is powerful and will always prevail. Your history is rich in antiquity and does not need any embellishments in an attempt to further glamorize it! Now, aside from the DNA and junk science they put forth they did get one thing right. It is within the statement alluded to in the title of this article. The first woman was a woman of color as humanity has its origin in Africa. Therefore, there is truth in the statement that a black woman is in fact the mother of the human race!

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is North America’s leading Kamitic (Egyptian) spiritualist and life coach. For over 20 years, he has studied and practiced what was once known as the Egyptian Mystery system of Ausar Auset.

Through his studies with shamans and African kings, along with deep meditation and communication with the ancestors, he came to a shocking conclusion. We live in a false reality. Some have coined it the “Reality Matrix,” or more precisely Maya (an illusion). It wasn’t long before he discovered the shocking truth—what we have been taught is an outright lie.

But more importantly, all material objects within your view are not even real, but rather projections. So, what is behind the projections? Or, more precisely, who is the projectionist?

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