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The Truth Will Shock You!

The Analysis of Paralysis


You might be familiar with other spiritual teachers who have their own perspective on the subject. However, the majority of them make money on fear-based teachings. They state the problem over and over again yet never present an actionable solution. They are caught in an “analysis of paralysis”. But Qesankh Maa Kheperu saw through their scheme and sought to present another perspective, One that is based on Maat. Maat does not rely on protests, debates, political elections, or an armed revolution to change the current paradigm. Rather, he sought to spiritually empower the masses by awakening the God-man and God-woman within them. With the resurrection of this power—which was suppressed by the global ruling elite—the multitudes could, virtually overnight, transform the state of the planet!


Dual Brain Spiritual Approach

How Our World Is in Darkness


Unlike others, Qesankh Maa Kheperu uses whole brain thinking to address the ills of today. Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem using the same mindset that created that problem.” Western society and the world at large are polarized in left brain thinking. This has put the world into darkness. The regular space time continuum of the planet has been interrupted, taking us from an advanced whole brain thinking civilization to just left brain thinking, leaving us in the dark ages. You should know that most advanced ancient cultures—Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and African—were based on dual integrated brain thinking. Holistic cognition allowed us to build the pyramids, heal with our minds, and travel interdimensionally. With this in mind, Master Teacher Qesankh uses both modern and ancient practices of hypnosis, divination, meditation, supplements, spirit invocation, magical herbs, and cosmologics to address our issues of today.


The Secret and the teachings of The Law of Attraction fell short. In fact, those so-called gurus who teach these things have not elevated themselves spiritually enough to know how to make those practices work! They leave out key details to activating your power. So what is the real secret they left out?



Ausar—The Power Within You


Just one session with Master Teacher Qesankh will change your life forever. He will show you how to use the power within you! This power is also known as Ausar. The ancient Greeks called him Osiris. You must know that nothing that you see really exists. In fact, as God-man or God-woman you are creating everything around you. Quantum Mechanics says that reality does not exist apart from the observer. Our ancient ancestors already knew this truth because they said everything is Maya. This statement is the basis for the realization of your true self. Qesankh Maa Kheperu provides you the pathway and skillset to change the very foundation of your reality. This is no hype. We’re talking about shifting to parallel worlds that align with your dreams and wishes. As God within, you can command this to be so—and so much more.


  • If you are looking for love, need money, want to purchase a home or start a lucrative business, Qesankh can introduce you to spiritual practices that will guide you. 


  • Want out of the matrix? How about a new job? Want to excel as an actor or rock it in your chosen sport? How about acing every test in school? All of these things and more are within your grasp.


No Hype! Proven Results!


Again, we’re not talking about intellectual masturbation or regurgitating information that sounds deep but doesn’t solve your problems. Qesankh Maa Kheperu has worked with well-known actors and public figures. He has produced incredible changes in their lives, taking them from zeros to heroes. When you sign up for a session, Master Teacher Qesankh will give you powerful techniques that can produce dramatic changes in your life that you can see for yourself.

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