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Experience a new reality!

Unleash your god power!



Certified Hypnotherapist
NLP Instructor 
Iridologist Practitioner
Health and Wellness Expert

Qesankh Maa Kheperu is North America’s leading Kamitic (Egyptian) spiritualist and life coach. For over 20 years he has studied and practiced what was once known as the Egyptian Mystery system of Ausar Auset.


Through his studies with Shaman and African Kings, along with deep meditation and communication with the ancestors, he came to a shocking conclusion. We live in a false reality. Some have coined it the “Reality Matrix,” or more precisely Maya (an Illusion). It wasn’t long before he discovered the shocking truth—what we have been taught is an outright lie.


But more importantly, all material objects within your view are not even real, but rather projections. So, what is behind the projections? Or, more precisely, who is the projectionist?

Monthly Membership Sessions! If you are ready to take that trip down the rabbit hole then take my Reality Manifesting program. In this program I am going to reveal secre...
1 Std.
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